Halfway Cruise Update (from Chile)

Ron provides the following status report on his rigorous training regime… He’s been able to workout for 2 hrs on all but one day of the cruise, earning quite the onboard reputation as he continues to train for Everest Base Camp, while fighting the cruise bulge. One lady even addressed him as “the mountain climber.”  Ugh…

Here is a nice description of the other great things that he and Donna are experiencing…

Today we finished our 5th and final port in Chile, and we only visited the southern two thirds of the country – boy is Chile long! In the process, we’ve sailed from the glaciers, mountains and lakes of the Patagonian region in the south to the southern edge of the arid desert region in the north. According to NASA, this is the driest desert on earth and most closely approximates the Mars surface.

Tomorrow we begin two days at sea, which provides a chance to catch up on laundry, watch a movie or two, and enjoy the on-ship entertainment … so far, all has been excellent.

Following our days at sea, we head to three ports in Peru (including two days in Lima) and two ports in Ecuador before sailing to Costa Rica, our only stop in Central America.

Still having a GREAT Time!!!

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