Celebrating in Sedona

A new adventure awaits in the coming days… in the first week of April, Joanie and her twin sister Janet have booked a trip to the beautiful and tranquil town of Sedona, Arizona to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their 39th birthday (a.k.a. their 60th birthday!). They have graciously invited me, and Janet’s husband, Jeff along for the adventure, no doubt to cater to their every need and write about the experience so they will remember it in their advanced age (…kidding of course!)

Allow me a moment to explain the disparity in how birthdays are celebrated in this family. For me, and perhaps most others reading this blog, there is one day each year where we are celebrated for surviving another year of existence on this planet. This isn’t quite the case for Joanie… over the course of 31 years of marriage, I have discovered that there is no longer anything that even closely resembles a birthday. Instead, there is a seemingly endless series of events to celebrate her birth month!

Now, let me be clear here, this is entirely okay, because let’s face the underlying fact that creates the need for this disparity… Joanie simply has a lot more friends than I do! With many friends comes many opportunities to go to lunch, grab a coffee, share an experience, or simply spend time together… all under the general theme of celebrating her birthday. So in that same spirit, we will set off for Arizona to properly celebrate Joanie and Janet’s 60th birth month.

Tune in to read about our experiences!…


2 thoughts on “Celebrating in Sedona”

  1. This is Janet here and it’s the day before we leave. Busy packing and figuring out what to bring. So excited for this adventure, beautiful scenery and celebrating our 60th Birthday. Love my twin….Thanks Don and Jeff for coming with us to cater to our needs. See y’all tomorrow!


  2. What fun for all you guys ! I’ll be checking back from time to time to read about your adventures. For a first time reader of Don’s literary skills -has he written any books or travel blogs? He certainly peaks ones interest. Safe travels to all.


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