Burst Transmission from Iowa

First a definition… A “burst transmission” is a temporary high-speed data transmission used to facilitate data transfer at maximum throughput. Why is this important?… because Deb just sent an update that covers an entire month of preps by her and Alan. So, here’s the update:

Feb 11: Alan and Deb hiked 8.5 miles in 7 inches of snow on their trusted golf course. It was some hard trekking through the snow that day, but a few discoveries were made along the way… their hiking boots are truly water proof and if you put hot water in your bladder and drink often that helps it not to freeze. It was 13 degrees that day and they trekked with 20 pound packs, while the local children were doing what normal people do in the snow, sledding down the hills. I am sure we looked funny to them.

Feb 17: Alan, Deb and some friends went to the Chicago Auto Show, so that weekend they did no long walk, except walking and looking at amazing cars. (Note: This does not count as training!)

Feb 24: Hiked 10.5 miles on the golf course, the equivalent of walking 40 holes of golf. Temps were nicer, a balmy 32 degs.

Mar 3: Alan hiked 13.5 miles and Deb went 8.5 mile on the golf course. Deb decided to end early because she developed a blister on her heel. Alan conducted a quick field triage and recommended she should stop the hike before it got worse. It turned out to be a fairly large blister so Deb will let it heal before the next long hike. (Note to Deb: Wear wool liner socks under your normal socks, and protect the blistered area with mole skin) 

On top of the hikes, Alan and Deb are remaining committed to their weekday gym routine.

And finally a direct quote from Deb:

Hope this is enough training for the trek. If not I will just have to ride the Yak…

Yak and mount Pumo ri - Nepal
Is this Deb’s new best friend?!

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