Peak Condition (pun intended)… we hope!p

Today we embark on our adventure… months of planning and preparation will now be put to the test on the trail between Lukla and Mt. Everest Base Camp. Hopefully, all of our hikes and gym prep will pay off so the next couple weeks won’t be too much of a struggle.  Today it is off to Dubai for a couple days in order to adjust to the time change.  Looking forward to sharing our experiences with you!

Deb’s detailed plan of the entire trip…

Baggage weigh-in was a fun little opportunity for a competition to see who was the most efficient packer… results below:

  • 1st place: Don @ 17.4 kg
  • 2nd place: Tie between Karen and Deb @ 18.2 kg
  • 4th place: Alan @ 18.6 kg
  • Last place: our Army logistics expert, Ron @ 20.4 kg


3 thoughts on “Peak Condition (pun intended)… we hope!p”

  1. I have no clue what Don is talking about – this is not golf where the lowest score wins … 1st Place = Ron … last place – you got it – DON!


  2. According to Victoria, “You are not champion of the luggage Uncle wRONg!” hahahaha! Correct you are V, correct you are!


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