Southwest Sojourn

Today is the beginning of a packed week of fun and relaxation… with a bit of quality time in the car between all the sights we intend to see. Joanie and I started our day getting to witness a beautiful sunrise reflecting off of the iconic Washington D.C. skyline, while Janet and Jeff had an equally inspiring view of the gulf coast as our separate journeys began before rendezvousing in Phoenix.

After a quick pit stop to pick up our rental car, we headed 2 1/2 hours north to Flagstaff, where we will spend the night. On the way we opted to get off the interstate and travel along the Red Rock Scenic Byway, a beautiful drive through the towering, iron infused landscape of rugged sandstone buttes.

Jeff, Janet, Joanie, and Don on the Red Rock Scenic Byway at Courthouse Butte

Since none of us had eaten since early in the morning, we stopped at a local cantina just outside of Sedona, where the pace was decidedly unhurried, to enjoy some refreshing happy hour drinks and nachos… just enough to recharge our rapidly dwindling batteries from a full day of travel.

Then it was the final push to Flagstaff which will serve as our launch point for visits to the Lower Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Although the day was long, we are happy to be together, sharing this experience.


4 thoughts on “Southwest Sojourn”

  1. Hope you enjoy your time. We kind of did that route on our way across the US also, Sedona and Grand Canyon. And by the way CONGRATULATIONS on your new position.


  2. Hello Don and Joanie! You four are in for a wonderful adventure in a beautiful area! I don’t know what your plans are for the Grand Canyon, but we love the train! In Williams Az, they have a train that leaves from there, takes you to the Grand Canyon where you can hike, catch transportation vans around the canyon or you can get on a big, air conditioned motor coach that takes you to a few different areas and feeds you as well. We have always taken the motor coach. It starts about 8:30 am with a fun wild west show before you board a beautifully restored train and ends up back in Williams around 5 pm. We would also suggest Bearizona which is also near Williams. Look them both up on line. We do both every time we’re in the area. Have an amazing adventure and we’ll see you later this summer!!! We love you both!
    Buddy and Linda


    1. Thanks Buddy and Linda… your ideas sound great, but I’m not sure we built in enough time in a schedule that is already full. Maybe next time… see you on the Rogue!


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