Epilogue: Beautiful Tanzania

The past two weeks have been absolutely amazing. Although we sumitted Mt. Kilimanjaro and experienced the vastness of the Serengeti, both indelible experiences, we will never forget the wonderful people of Tanzania.

On Kilimanjaro, our team truly made us feel part of a very large family… not simply paying clients. Their joy in our achievement (which would not have occurred without all their incredible support) was palpable and deeply genuine. It is these friendships that we will cherish and remember, as much as our experiences on the mountain.

After the Kilimanjaro experience, we spent long days in the landcruisers as we drove hundreds of kilometers through the countryside. The scenery was striking and the sights somewhat exotic. It was quite normal to see zebra and giraffe grazing in the same roadside fields as cattle and sheep. A sight both strange and wonderful.

One team, one family, one success!

Everywhere we went we saw young children walking to or from school, easily identifiable in the standard school uniform worn by all who attend the nationalized school system through the age of 13.

We visited two orphanages and were heartened and humbled by the generosity and commitment of the men and women who care for these young kids, providing a loving environment along with food, shelter and education. There is a lot of need for steady resources to sustain these sanctuaries for those who have so little.

None of us will forget this experience; it left an imprint on our hearts and in our minds. Tanzania is a wonderful place, the people are generous and kind, and the sights are wonderful to behold. Thanks sharing the adventure!

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