In the Beginning…

I am happy to report that things are beginning to happen out on Hope Rise! A flurry of activity has occurred during the past few weeks that has all the indications that this project is really getting ready to take off. We were fortunate to have a rather dry May which allowed the driveway entrance area to dry out and firm up enough for the excavator to start constructing our entrance road. To prepare for this, the long grass and hay had to be cut, Miss Utility had to mark where any underground utilities were located (there were none), and the survey company had to mark the precise location of the all important culvert pipes and headwalls.

Now that those tasks have been completed, the heavy equipment has arrived onsite. Imagine my delight when on one of my periodic visits to the site, I saw that a large excavator had been parked on the property… the first real indication that something was brewing! Just a few short days later, we saw definitive progress, with the completion of the construction fence and two dump truck loads of concrete aggregate delivered to the site for what I assume will become the foundation for the driveway entrance area.

Coming soon!... The Road
Coming soon!… The Road

Although this topic doesn’t seem overly exciting, it is critically important. As discussed in previous posts, this driveway is the key to the remainder of the project. Due to the watershed, drainage, and environmental protection considerations, a well constructed road that diverts the seasonal flow emanating from a small pond on the adjacent property is necessary to ensure we have uninhibited access throughout the year, regardless of what the weather throws at us.

So all in all, things are beginning to look up. It has been a long journey to get to this point. Soon, I hope, we will have a rough driveway that provides direct access for all the construction activity to come. In the meantime, we have our own homework to do to ensure that the color, style, material and design elements are selected in the proper timeframe and sequence to avoid any further delays caused by supply-chain issues or availability of critical components.

Due to the increased prices of lumber and other building materials, we are already expecting some extra costs, so we are doing our best to stay within the allowances of our contract. So far, we’ve selected our windows, doors, siding, roof and stone, with many many more decisions to make. I am confident it will all come together in a well-constructed, beautifully-appointed home. More updates to come…

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