Training at the Bottom of the World

Ron and Donna are traveling in South America, ten days into the 5 week cruise. Ron reports that he is countering the “Cruise Ship Bulge” by working out in the ship’s Fitness Center and climbing the ship’s many stairways. He is also making a name for himself on some of the more adventurous shore excursions as “that crazy gringo with the weights in his pack!”

Although he seems to be making a valiant effort to remain “trek ready,” we all know that Ron loves chocolate, cookies and snacks, and there is an endless supply of each on ship – but I am confident his Army discipline will keep him focused.

Some serious shipboard training…

Of note, the first two countries they visited were Argentina and Chile. This home to the famed Patagonia Region brings some of the best trekking and hiking on earth. Even more impressive, Ron continues to load his pack with 25 lbs of dead weight (a couple barbells from the ship’s gym).

Hiking in Tierra del Fuego with contraband barbells!

True to his nature, Ron has gotten the ship’s staff bend to his will… He reports that the ship’s security has confiscated the weights each time he re-boards (maybe they think the weights could be used as a weapon). But, according to Donna, they must have finally given in since she overheard security saying:

That’s the crazy guy who carries weights around the ship and on shore. Oh, him again… just let him go!

Progress!… Anyway, we’re all hoping that his fitness routine serves him well to combat the Bulge and be ready for EBC.

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