Snow Angel vs. Lumberjack

Karen and Don both went hiking this weekend, albeit separated by 3000 miles (Karen in Oregon and Don in Virginia)… So, we get to do a little compare and contrast:

  • Weather: Karen enjoyed a clear, crisp day after some recent snow, so she got to hike thru 8” deep snow.  Don also enjoyed a clear, crisp day in the aftermath of 2 days of 40-60 mph winds, so he got to experience hundreds of trees that had been blown over (many directly on the trail).
  • Fun things to do while hiking solo: Karen photographed her footprints in the snow along with her shadow (I should have copyrighted my “Me and My Shadow” post!). She also couldn’t resist the impulse to make a snow angel! Don on the other hand got to climb over, under, through and around the oh so many trees that had fallen on the trail.
  • Distance to trailhead: Karen has a distinct advantage here… she lives within 5 miles of the trail, whereas Don has to drive 60 miles to get to his hiking spot.
  • Selfie comparison: Karen / Snow Angel / Don…

Anyhow, both continue to train hard for the upcoming Everest Base Camp adventure… less that one month until we depart for Nepal!

Finally, if you’re interested in some short videos here are a couple of clips from Don’s hike:



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