Global Warming = Beautiful Winter Day in Oregon

Karen and her husband Larry hiked the full Spence Mountain trail on a beautiful sunny, warm day! With a start elevation of 4,321 ft, they ascended to 5,832 ft during a 9.7 mi hike in 4 hrs. For those who don’t do much hiking, that is a pretty torrid pace, especially at altitudes exceeding 1 mi high! During the hike, Karen tested the hydration pack system, essentially a water bladder with a mouth tube. She wasn’t too crazy about how hard it can be to pull (suck) the water into your mouth. She prefers the standard Nalgene bottle.


The pictures attest to how beautiful the scenery is on this hike with views of Mt. Shasta, Mt. Scott (in nearby Crater Lake National Park), and Mt. McLaughlin.

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