Sweat-cicle (yep… that’s an icicle of sweat!)

What a beautiful day for a hike!… Cold (15 deg at start), but clear with no wind. Today Ron and I did a repeat of the White Oak Canyon/Cedar Run Trail hike, but we added the Hawksbill Gap Loop for some additional altitude gain and miles. All in all, we hiked 10.5 miles with a total altitude gain of close to 3000 ft.

Once again, despite the cold temperatures, we both worked up a sweat during the climb. The combination of freezing temperatures, drinking lots of fluids, and wearing a hat that shed water resulted in the fascinating process of seeing a icicle form directly in front of my face. Here are some pictures that show what happened over a period of 3 hours while we were hiking from the start of the White Oak Canyon trail to the top of the Hawksbill overlook.


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