Who’s Crazy Idea Was This?!…

For those new to the blog, this is a re-post of the very first blog entry to provide some context for what this adventure is all about.  Ron, Karen, Don (me), Alan, and Deb leave the U.S. on Apr 3, 2018, with a two day stop in Dubai before arriving in Kathmandu on 6 Apr. Once there, we will join up with 2 additional clients and our Nepalese trek staff, Kalden Sherpa (Head Guide), Nigma Sange (Support) and Tsering Dorgee Sherpa (Support). We will do our best to provide regular updates and include as many spectacular pictures as the limited availability of WiFi allows…

Re-post of 1st blog entry from Nov 10 2017:

Let’s start with some history… This crazy idea for a bunch of 50-somethings to voluntarily hike over 70 miles at altitudes ranging from 9,300 to 18,200 feet above sea level started with Ron (the oldest in our group at 57). Simply put, Ron has a lifetime goal to visit 100 countries and thought that a trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp was an exciting way to experience one of those countries, Nepal. He asked me (Don-54) if I was interested and without hesitation I agreed. Then we shared the idea with the rest of the family and were surprised at the interest… In the end, Karen-55, Alan-53, and Debra-53 (Alan’s wife) all decided that this would be a great adventure, made better by the shared family experience.

In Nov 2017, we began to explore trekking options… We discovered that there were quite a few trekking companies who offered guided trips that included all of the logistics (transportation from Kathmandu, lodging, food, porter services, and expert knowledge of the culture, climate and terrain). For our part, we had to commit to a dedicated fitness plan to prepare our bodies (as much as we could) to endure two weeks of hiking at high altitude.

We selected Ian Taylor Trekking, based in Vail, Colorado, made our deposits, and now we are committed!!…

One thought on “Who’s Crazy Idea Was This?!…”

  1. We are so excited for all of you! We look forward to all posts and pictures. As 60 somethings we will trek vicariously through your great adventure! May God Bless You and Keep You.

    Sue Bridi



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